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Sauce Magazine/SauceMagazine.com
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St.Louis, MO 63110 

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SauceMagazine.com, 1st Place Winner for 
Best Content and 2nd Place for Best 
St. Louis-oriented Site by the St. Louis 
Web Developers Association in 2002!

Sauce Magazine was created as a way to expose the restaurant scene
in St. Louis and promote the art of eating well. Its goal is to provide a forum 
for local eateries to show off their unique attributes and styles of cuisine by the 
way of custom designed web sites located in the Sauce Magazine restaurant guide. 

The magazine's critiques are totally independent of the restaurant guide, so, 
not to worry-- unlike many local publications, Sauce Magazine's reviews are 
completely unbiased.

Sauce Magazine offers its readers a way to find new places to explore throughout the
St. Louis area. We also know that you may want to create your own feast at home, or
may have concerns about the quality of your life and how it relates to food and dining, 
so the magazine publishes new and creative recipes and articles available to our readers. 

Updated weekly, local food lovers, critics and chefs contribute columns for Sauce that 
reflect their love of good food and wine. 

The Sauce Magazine (as well as the Sauce Magazine.com) is one of the best sources for 
information on restaurants and other culinary matters in the St. Louis metropolitan area. "
These are some of the sections of the magazine:

Gourmet Guru   Restaurant Reviews
St. Louis Scene  Friendly neighborhood bar report
Chef's Collaborative -with many special recipes
Spicy - Recipes that focus on flavor
Bytes - St. Louis restaurant gossip


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